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Jacob SheepIn The Leck Alison's Jacob Sheep Flock graze on the lush pastures of The Boyne Valley beside the historic Newgrange Monuments which are deep in history for over 5 thousand years. The Jacob Sheep also date as far back as A.D. in the Bible.

One of the most popular sheep we have here is the Jacob Sheep. This is an alert and attractive type of sheep. It's white fleece has well defined black patches, the head and neck being mostly black and a white blaze. Both sexes are horned and there can be either two or four horns. The ewes are hardy and excellent mothers who milk well, frequently having twins or triplets. The fleece has a wide appeal to hand spinners and weavers and the natural undyed colours make lovely garments. The cured sheepskins make exotic rugs for added value.

Craft Studio

  • Weaving of a scarf
  • Handcrafted woolen clothes
  • Scarf
  • Scarf and Hat
  • Handcrafted scarf
  • Selection of Hats
  • Scarf and Hat
  • Scarf

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