Mixed Media Art by Bernadette Fox

About Bernadette

Welcome to Bernadette Fox – Boyne Valley Art, where the Irish landscape comes to life through captivating three-dimensional textile artwork. Bernadette’s creations are a testament to her deep connection with the natural beauty of the Irish countryside, serving as both an homage to her surroundings and a showcase of her artistic talent.

Using a combination of merino wool and hand-dyed silk fabrics, Bernadette meticulously crafts each piece, infusing them with rich texture and vibrant colours. Her artwork is not merely decorative; it’s an immersive experience that invites you to explore the depths of Ireland’s heritage, mythology, and sacred symbolism.

From the windswept coastlines of the Wild Atlantic Way to the ancient landscapes of Ireland’s Ancient East, Bernadette’s creations capture the essence of the ever-changing Irish scenery. Through traditional techniques such as embroidery stitch and beading, she breathes life into her artwork, evoking the seasonal shifts of flowers and foliage and the timeless beauty of hills and valleys.